The Macujo Method

The Macujo method is a very popular method to dodge a hair follicle drug test. Just like the insanely famous Jerry G method, you will be required to wash your hair in a special way through a step by step process to get rid of any traces of drugs on your hair.

This Drug Test Method Explained

When you use marijuana or any kind of weed on a regular basis, the traces of the drug are not only left in your blood, but they can also be found in your hair follicle. Many companies require you to go through the hair follicle test which detects any traces of drugs. And if you are a regular user of marijuana, you’ll need at least 30-40 days for the traces of drugs to disappear. Now if that sounds like a lot, you’ll be glad to know that the Macujo method can help you get rid of the same traces in just under 10 days.

The Macujo method revolves around 8 steps just like the Jerry g method but it is less damaging to the hair. This is why many people prefer using this method instead of the Jerry G method. Whichever method you tend to use, just make sure that you follow the steps properly otherwise you may end up getting caught.

The Macujo method really just requires you to buy a couple of things from your grocery store and use them in a special order. You wash your hair repeatedly before the drug test to come clean. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, we have written it down for you.

  • The first step of the Macujo or Jerry g method is to stop using marijuana completely at least 10 days before the test. You can always restart the use once you come clean.
  • The first step in the hair wash requires you to wet your hair properly but making sure that they are not soaking wet.
  • Next use Heinz vinegar obtained from a grocery store to massage your scalp thoroughly
  • Now move on to the clear and clean formula and massage your scalp again mixing it with the vinegar in the hair
  • Allow this mixture to rest for at least half an hour
  • Now wash your hair thoroughly by using the Nexus Aloe rid shampoo. This is the main product that rids of drug traces
  • In the final step, use Tide Liquid laundry detergent to wash your hair and you are good to go.

For more on this method, visit this page.  It’s a solid overview of what you can learn about the efficiency of this method.

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General Information about Moving Companies

moving-company-mechanicalIf you are moving to Florida, or simply just relocating to any state in general, you will most likely need a dependable, as well as affordable moving company. Moving can be an experience unlike any other, and choosing the right moving company is a must.

There are thousands of moving companies across the United States, and South Florida moving companies are vast in particular. Trusting a mover with your most valuable possessions can be quite a challenge, that is precisely why you will want to be sure and make the best decision on which one to choose. There is tons of information about these moving companies online. So taking the time to do you research definitely will pay off in the end.

If you happen to be moving to the state of Florida, or simply relocating within the state, choosing the best Florida moving company is essential. With the Atlantic to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to its west, Florida is a large state spanning many miles in which most of the state’s land is very close to sea level. Of course moving anywhere is a challenge; however, Florida presents one in which a dependable company is most assuredly a must.

When making your decision on which mover to use, there are some key factors to consider. Since surfing the net for movers can be overwhelming, asking close friends and family members for their referrals is a good place to start. Also, don’t just settle for the first company’s estimate you receive, get at least three or four estimates before deciding on your final choice.

If you happen to be moving out of state anywhere, not just in Florida, ensuring the moving company you are considering is licensed and backed by the better business bureau is also a great way to ensure your valuables will be safe and arrive at your new home in the condition in which they left your former residence. Summit Van Lines Movers In Fort Lauderdale is a great example of one of these reputable moving companies that are based in south florida.

Moving itself is a very stressful experience, and no one wants their things to arrive broken or missing. A few points of interest to keep in mind before hiring a mover: Most reputable, licensed companies will not ask you for a cash deposit before they transport your belongings. If they do, consider that a red flag and choose another mover immediately.moving-company-information

Relocating across town or across the nation does not have to be a stressful experience. In fact, if you take the time to get referrals and do your research, your move can be a positive experience that goes smoothly ensuring you and your family have a pleasant moving day with the least amount of complications.

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Why Your Trucking Company Needs Business Insurance

Trucking is an honest way to make a living. The transportation of goods is always going to be in demand. To a business owner, the most important thing is to have everything run smoothly. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Trucks get damaged all the time. Sometimes they’re beyond repair when they do. For those who have insurance, this isn’t a major calamity. Insurance protects the business owner, while also protecting his employees from disasters that may be a-foot.


Motor vehicle coverage isn’t only the right thing to do. It’s also required if you want to have a trucking business. The FMCSA mandates that every truck come with this basic, liability insurance. This helps to protect the public against what a four-wheeler can do. Four wheelers can damage cars to the point of being totaled. Insurance ensures that the totaled car will be replaced.

Physical Damage

A lot of small business owners also decide to get physical damage coverage for their truck. This type of coverage grapples with the cost of replacing a truck that’s been damaged by fire, vandalism and the weather. It also covers theft. Few think of the harm that can come to their vehicle. Losing it in an accident isn’t the only way to lose it. It can also be damaged while in “park”.


You should have the truck’s cargo insured as well. The cargo carried in the back of the truck may be of high value. Some trucks carry cargo valued to be around 100,000 dollars. It’s a big hit to the business if something happens to it. That’s why many choose to get cargo insurance. It can be purchased along with other coverage for the truck.

What’s The Most Important Type Of Coverage?

Auto liability’s the most important kind of coverage. Without it, you would not be operating your truck legally. Plus, your truck would become a danger to the public. Auto liability protects those who come in contact with your business while it’s on the road. Sixteen wheeler accidents are common. While they can’t always be prevented, an insurance company can dampen the blow when it does.

Cargo liability is also extremely important. The whole point of the business is to transport the cargo. When that cargo is damaged, the business has failed to perform the task it was designed to do to make a profit. Cargo liability takes the sting out of the situation by replacing the value of the cargo. That way, the least amount of money was lost.

You Need Trucking Business Insurance

“Trucking is a riskier business than people think.”, said an agent from Augustedge Insurance. When your entire business depends on keeping and maintaining a working truck and transporting cargo efficiently, there can be a lot of risks involved. Some of which will happen no matter how careful you are. Thankfully, they can be accounted for through trucking insurance. To run a business properly, you’re going to need it. Keeping insurance is also the right thing to do. It protects your community.

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Trucking Businesses Need a Proper Accountant

Every single business on the planet of earth needs a quality accountant. It is easy to think that only certain types of businesses would benefit from an accountant but that is not the truth. Many of you who run a trucking business would benefit from the services of a proper accountant. The truth is that you probably want to focus on your job and that is it. You don’t want to have to become an accountant but you want the benefits that an accountant can provide for you. You’re not just a driver of a truck, you are running a business. As a business you have different laws that you need to abide by, your different taxation concerns and you want to make sure that all your money is being used effectively, that you being paid the right amount of money and that your business is being ran properly. An accountant can definitely help you with that.

The thing that happens with many trucking businesses is that the owners in the running it as if they are truck drivers and not people running a business. Being a truck driver is great but often that means that you don’t have a lot of responsibilities beyond handling the load that you have been hired to carry. When you’re running a trucking business have a ton of concern. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man one truck business or if you have a fleet of trucks. Of course if you have a fleet of trucks your business is going to be a lot more complex, they’re going to be more laws and regulations for you to follow that an accountant will be able to help you with and the services that an accountant provides will save you money, will protect you and will ensure that your business is being ran properly.

“You are never too small to have an accountant”, said AugustEdge in Wenatchee Washington. I don’t know about you but any amount of money that I make is important to me, I want to make sure that I’m making the maximum amount of money, I want to make sure that my tax liabilities are as low as possible and I want to make sure that my business is being ran correctly. These are the reasons why trucking businesses in all different type of businesses hire an accountant. These are the reasons why you should hire one too.

If you operate a trucking business and you know that an accountant can help you, the contact us. If you’re not yet convinced that a proper accountant can help you, still give us a call. We are sure that we can show you how an accountant will add value to your business, how they can protect you, how they can help you earn and keep more money. Obviously these are all great things, things that will benefit you in your business and things that will make your life a lot more profitable and easier.

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What You Can Learn from South Beach Tow

When getting towed, both you and the tow truck operators have rights that can be used. For you, you can avoid towing if you know your rights. And if you also know the rights of the tow truck operators, you can easily defend yourself if you find a loophole. Following are some of the legal requirements that are necessary for all tow truck operators to follow. Learn these legal requirements and they can come in handy later.

Maybe you’ve seen the show South Beach Tow?  It’s based on real life experiences from Tremont Towing of Miami Beach.  If not, check out that link and this video below. It’s sparked an interest in making today’s update all about towing and tow trucks.

Here are some things you can learn from the show.  Takeaways you can use in real life situations when dealing with tow trucks.


A tow truck operator company or a private tow truck owner has to have a special license that is issued to them specifically. This license makes them officially ‘vehicle recovery services’. Anyone not carrying a license cannot tow your vehicle.

Name and Details of the tow truck operator

When you see a tow truck, you must look for contact details of the tow truck operator clearly displayed on the and inside the truck. Any tow truck not displaying these details are illegally working. The driver must also possess some sort of identification (normally identity card). This card must be shown to you if you request it. Anyone not carrying an identification card cannot tow your vehicle.

The attitude of the tow truck operator

The tow truck driver or operator is legally required to behave in a civil manner. Also tow truck drivers are not allowed by the law to bring another person with them to threaten the vehicle owner. The driver must take all responsibility if they should bring someone with them and ensure that this person does not get involved with you and the tow truck driver in anyway. The tow truck driver is also not allowed by law to carry a pet with them. Should a tow truck driver misbehave with a vehicle owner, the owner reserves the right to file a complaint against the individual with the tow truck business he/she is working for.

Police obedience and emergency workers

During an emergency, a tow truck driver must listen to any orders given by the police officers, firefighters, traffic wardens or ambulances. If any of the officers from any division asks the tow truck be removed from the vicinity, a tow truck is required by law to do so.

What is the authority for each tow truck?

The tow truck driver cannot remove your vehicle from a place if they do not carry a tow authority for it. This tow authority is an official form that allows the driver to record all the specific and relevant details of what he will be doing with the car. These details include the vehicle owners name, address and signature. The tow truck driver must also tell the vehicle owner about where their vehicle is being taken to. In simple words, your vehicle cannot be removed until a tow driver receives a sign on the tow authority. This sign can either come from you or anyone representing you, for example a police officer or traffic warden.

So, whether you get caught up dealing with the driver of a Jerr-Dan Wrecker or another type of two truck, you can now know your rights and what you can, and can’t do.


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