What You Can Learn from South Beach Tow

When getting towed, both you and the tow truck operators have rights that can be used. For you, you can avoid towing if you know your rights. And if you also know the rights of the tow truck operators, you can easily defend yourself if you find a loophole. Following are some of the legal requirements that are necessary for all tow truck operators to follow. Learn these legal requirements and they can come in handy later.

Maybe you’ve seen the show South Beach Tow?  It’s based on real life experiences from Tremont Towing of Miami Beach.  If not, check out that link and this video below. It’s sparked an interest in making today’s update all about towing and tow trucks.

Here are some things you can learn from the show.  Takeaways you can use in real life situations when dealing with tow trucks.


A tow truck operator company or a private tow truck owner has to have a special license that is issued to them specifically. This license makes them officially ‘vehicle recovery services’. Anyone not carrying a license cannot tow your vehicle.

Name and Details of the tow truck operator

When you see a tow truck, you must look for contact details of the tow truck operator clearly displayed on the and inside the truck. Any tow truck not displaying these details are illegally working. The driver must also possess some sort of identification (normally identity card). This card must be shown to you if you request it. Anyone not carrying an identification card cannot tow your vehicle.

The attitude of the tow truck operator

The tow truck driver or operator is legally required to behave in a civil manner. Also tow truck drivers are not allowed by the law to bring another person with them to threaten the vehicle owner. The driver must take all responsibility if they should bring someone with them and ensure that this person does not get involved with you and the tow truck driver in anyway. The tow truck driver is also not allowed by law to carry a pet with them. Should a tow truck driver misbehave with a vehicle owner, the owner reserves the right to file a complaint against the individual with the tow truck business he/she is working for.

Police obedience and emergency workers

During an emergency, a tow truck driver must listen to any orders given by the police officers, firefighters, traffic wardens or ambulances. If any of the officers from any division asks the tow truck be removed from the vicinity, a tow truck is required by law to do so.

What is the authority for each tow truck?

The tow truck driver cannot remove your vehicle from a place if they do not carry a tow authority for it. This tow authority is an official form that allows the driver to record all the specific and relevant details of what he will be doing with the car. These details include the vehicle owners name, address and signature. The tow truck driver must also tell the vehicle owner about where their vehicle is being taken to. In simple words, your vehicle cannot be removed until a tow driver receives a sign on the tow authority. This sign can either come from you or anyone representing you, for example a police officer or traffic warden.

So, whether you get caught up dealing with the driver of a Jerr-Dan Wrecker or another type of two truck, you can now know your rights and what you can, and can’t do.


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